Jeanne McKirchy Spencer
Owner, Chief Strategy Officer,
Ricochet Partners

When you possess a keen design eye, the creative ability to envision a fresh angle and deliver it, and the prowess to lead a team to achieve and accomplish regardless of the challenge, you have Curt Franklin. Marry his creative direction, design, and modeling talents with his supportive leadership style which maintains high standards while nurturing team members to reach the elevated bar – and you reach the intersection of professional pride and mission success. An unwavering commitment to project and team victories propels Curt to develop and guide exemplary work that delivers. He is the one in a million.

Alice Thornton Wright
Director Content Strategy,
Kennedy Global

I have worked closely with Curt for several years on integrated communication programs for clients in both the US and abroad. As a creative director, Curt has an outstanding eye for design and an excellent ability to build solutions that work for the intended audience and generate results. He expertly combines the right balance of aesthetics and functionality in the programs he builds – creating tools that not only look terrific but inspire audiences to take action. Clients also definitely appreciate Curt’s friendly and personable demeanor, and his ability to exceed their expectations at every turn. He is an outstanding person to have on your team!

Ron Spencer
Ricochet Partners

Previously in my career I have employed and worked with literally dozens of creative types, from designers to art directors, writers to creative directors. So I feel pretty darn confident when I say that Curtis Franklin is as good as it gets. Curtis is comfortable crafting solutions in any form of media. Whether it be print or electronic, Curtis has greater experience with and knowledge of the technical aspects of design than almost anyone I know. His respect for his clients is unmatched, and he has a real desire to continuously learn and improve. Curtis is one guy that I would go into battle with anytime.

Kurt Kennedy
CEO Kennedy Global

I have had the pleasure of working with Curtis for many years on a broad range of projects. He is a rare talent with a strong ability to understand what a client is trying to achieve, then create designs that not only exceed what they wanted, but deliver great results with a range of audiences. Clients love working with Curtis. He is masterful at gently educating on effective design while also being very receptive to feedback and client concerns. His broad range of outside creative interests fuel his design work in unexpected ways. He is a true professional.

Conni Haffey
Owner, 2+2 Business Services

I had the pleasure of working with Curtis for over 4 years. As the Creative Director at Kennedy, Curtis is always on the front lines with the client. His solutions to marketing challenges are always carefully thought out and ultimately provide bottom line results to the client. His contribution, however, does not stop with the client. Unlike other creatives I’ve worked with, Curtis keeps the business’ interests in mind as well – keeping a close eye on the budget. I miss working with him.

Ryan Anderson
Graphic Designer, Pacific Advisors

I have worked with a lot of creative people in my lifetime as a designer and I will have to say, Curt is by far one of the most talented and hard working Creative Directors I’ve known. He is not only a fantastic designer but also a very organized leader that will meet every client’s expectations. His abilities to take any project, big or small and push the envelope has always amazed me. I will always be grateful being able to work beside Curt.

Erik Olson, MBA
Founder/CEO, Fort West

It has been, and continues to be an absolute pleasure working with Curt. Curt is the complete package! I have worked with Curt both as a client, and professionally as a Project Manager. His ability to invent creative solutions to our marketing challenges, and carry a cohesive brand message across integrated campaigns and communication materials, has been impressively beneficial. In every project I have worked on with Curt, he goes above and beyond my expectations to deliver not only brilliantly designed work, but with specific attention to solutions that deliver real-world results to my bottom line. Whatever can be said here is an understatement of Curt’s ever evolving talent- he continues to impress and exceed my expectations. My business will follow Curt wherever he goes.

Jeremy Gates
Senior Designer, CMD Agency

No one quite has an attention to detail like Curt does – he’s able to focus where others might sometimes give up. He was a great senior lead for me, and I’ve gained many valuable lessons and tricks of the trade by watching over his shoulder. Persistently kind-hearted as well, which goes a long way during those late-night projects.

Barbara Holmes
Customer Insights Analyst, Information Architect, UX,
Intel Corporation

Polite and considerate, a team player, and a wizard with taking a company’s brand standards into creative new directions, a pleasure to work with. Curt can work with clients big and small, and within creative boundaries that would make lesser design talent choke, and come with beautiful work, and always with a smile. He’s a pleasure to work with. He left the agency where I knew him, to stretch his creativity even more as a Creative Director. He walks the walk and can talk the talk. He’s an asset to any team and company. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Kindy Pool
Owner, Unbridled Creative Consulting and Design

I highly recommend Curt as a Creative Director. I’ve worked under him in the capacity of a contract Art Director on many projects over the span of several years, and have found him to be a very effective creative director. He has great creative vision which he is skilled in conveying to others, and also is very professional in giving feedback and direction on projects. He is also well-versed in current media technology. I really enjoy working with Curt, and highly recommend him to others.

Jim Belmessieri
Project Manager,
Robert H. Lord Company

Curt has amazing talent and technical ability in graphic and digital art & design. He’s also a lot of fun to work with – full of good, workable ideas and proactive habits. You would be hard pressed to find a harder worker. His commitment to a project knows no bounds. I look forward to working with Curt again someday. He’s on my A list!

Raymond Quinton
Executive Level Sales, Marketing, and Business Development, Writer, Editor, Publisher

I worked with Curt on pitching projects and executing on major marketing projects and campaigns at Kennedy. I was always impressed with his ability to dig deep creatively and execute on a level that exceeded expectations. He’s very creative, a gentleman and is truly having a positive impact on creative approaches to integrated marketing and communications.